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Christopher Dennis Photography, LLC

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that make up your Unique Love Story

Engagement Photography & Proposals


We think the season of your engagement is truly magical. You are planning a huge party, a honeymoon, and everyone is rooting for you. It’s a stunning and romantic time. These are moments that will never come again and we believe they deserve to be documented in a way that truly reveals your journey as a couple. Years from now when you look back on these photographs you will remember this romantic time and all the love you felt for each other as you joined two lives into one. 

The Experience


Before we even begin to take your photograph we spend time discovering who you are as a couple. After you book your appointment we will schedule a discovery call so we can learn about how you met, what your values are and what’s important to you. This will help us create truly one of a kind photographs of your romance. Then we will plan on where you want to be photographed. Are you outdoorsy? Urban? Or do you want an intimate photoshoot in your cozy home? We figure this all out so that when you see your photographs you will smile from ear to ear. After the day of the shoot, hold tight for two weeks until your gorgeous photographs arrive.

What to wear


Do you want to use this romantic photoshoot as an opportunity to get all dolled up? Or is this more of a daytime date? Ultimately we want you to look like yourselves and dress in a way that makes you feel really good. Some couples love to color coordinate while others have a flair that has nothing to do with their partner’s sense of style. We suggest that you take time to think about your outfit together as a couple and of course we will be there to help you make final decisions.


Signing Books


Once you see your engagement photographs, most likely you will want to incorporate them into various parts of your wedding. A super creative and collaborative way to do this is with a signing book! These books have white space next to your photographs and give your guests an opportunity to leave their name and write you little love notes. There is no better way to have your guests leave their mark on your big day than with a beautiful signing book